Sunday, October 30, 2011

Standard Love

This is an old set that I posted on my blog over a year ago but it is also a snippet from my new book, Erotic Interludes, so I thought I would bring this series back to give a general idea of the contents of the book.  The cover of the book is actually the wallpaper inside the hotel room at the Standard, where I shot this series.  Instead of using one of my erotic images for the cover, to grab everyone's attention, I thought it would be more interesting to use the wallpaper; for one, so you will open the book to see what goes on within the walls of the Erotic Interludes, and secondly, it gives a sense of secrecy, as if you are viewing the contents of a naughty diary.  To see more previews from the book, click on link to Erotic Interludes. There are 160 pages of naughtiness.

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