Saturday, May 7, 2011

New York City - the first 3 days

Currently visiting New York City and these are images of my first 3 days of my 3 week adventure.

My model friend, Victor Ross, with L.A. Models who was recently featured in the Verizon Motorola commericial, accompanied me on this trip and it's great to have him here.  We have been having a great time together and he has made this a lot of fun so far.  He is only here until sunday.  Thursday night we participated in an artist showcase at the Pudding Factory in Hoboken New Jersey along with Sidney Etienne, Tarrice Love, William Springfield, William Hessiam, Ocean Clark and River Clark.

Victor is preparing his artwork in a subway terminal.

And Victor picking up artwork from framer.

Artiste Extraordinaire at the Pudding Factory.  Victor Ross, me, Sidney Etienne, Tarrice Love and William Springfield.

 All fun and games with Sheena and Ruth at the Pudding Factory.

Tarrice Love's rendition of Black Jesus.

Ambrielle flew in from Los Angeles to attend the artist showcase.  Now she is leaving and taking a taxi from Manhattan to Budapest.  Bye Ambrielle!  Thanks for coming out.

The next night there was another group show at 3rd Ward in Williamsburg and one of the featured artist was my friend, fashion photographer Sean P. Watters (with 2 Ts).  Here is Sean being photographed with one of his models.

On our way to Jersey, through the Holland Tunnel.

The Alexander McQueen window at Bergdorf Goodman

Brooklyn at night = Crooklyn

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