Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy birthday, Tico!!!

Today this Haitian beauty from Miami Florida, is celebrating her birthday so I thought it would be best to feature her photo set from last year in honor of her loveliness.  Tico is a rare bird that I had the opportunity of capturing in my camera.
This was very impromptu.  We were eating breakfast at Denny's during her visit to L.A. and it was our first meeting.  So while eating, we decided to go back to my place and shoot some snaps.  How could I possibly pass up an opportunity to photograph this lovely species.  I pulled the little black dress out of my bag of emergency tricks and we played around and this is the results.

The Rise of Tico

Happy Birthday Lovely Lady

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Black Swimsuit Series starring Nicolla

Today I am featuring Florida based model, Nicolla, in our last photoshoot together, a black swimsuit series.  Nicolla is a super great model to work with and we have become good friends since working together.  This beautiful young lady has strong features and is very professional.  We've had some great times here in L.A. and in Hawaii.  Its definitely a pleasure knowing her.  
This is our black swimsuit series.  To see more of Nicolla, visit her website; Tiffany Nicolla.

And we had the pleasure of having super make up artist, Roshar, to work with us.  Here is a little behind the scene snippet of Nicolla being spruced up by Roshar.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Desert Waltz

This, I believe, is my most recognized image so I thought it was about time to put it on my blog.  This was my first time working with both Ambrielle Webb and Philadelphia based, Ray Armstrong and the start of 2 great relationships.  This shoot took place in El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, almost 2 hours outside of Los Angeles, CA.  This was in September so we had to get a super early start to the location because of the extreme late summer heat.  We arrived at the location about 8:00 am and completed the shoot in 2 hours.  By 10:00 am, the heat was so intense, the models could no longer stand on the ground.  We were pouring water on the ground, under Ambrielle's feet to cool them but the water would instantly evaporate.  To finish the last shots, the "Pearl" shots, I had to place a towel on the ground for Ambrielle to stand on, and later photoshop out because the hot ground became unbearable.  I had to call the shoot a wrap by 10:00 am.
We started Ambrielle in fashion and did 2 different looks.  Ray was naked the whole time but if I looked like Ray, I would be naked the whole time too, plus he didn't complain because of the intense heat.  Ray is the most amazing male model I have ever worked with; body, face, movement, ability, direction, and dare devil skills.  Combined with Ambrielle's beauty and professionalism, within 2 hours, this gorgeous, well in tuned couple were able to accomplish a lot.  Here are some of the images from that grueling shoot.

And now a few behind the scene shots of Ambrielle acting goofing or either delirious from the heat.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Best of 2009

Today I was reflecting back to 2009.  Last year was a great year.  I had 3 huge accomplishments in my life.  1.  I met and shot with my all time favorite male model, Jason Olive.  2. I met my living favorite and inspirational photographer, Andreas Bitesnich.  Everyone knows Herb Ritts is true inspiration but Bittesnich is now my current living inspiration.  3.  I earned my first million dollars.

So let's start off with the great Jason Olive.  Jason was one of the great super male models of the 90's, when there were Supermodels.  During the 90's, there were a group of models that really stood out and were truly amazing at what they did.  There are great models today, but there were SUPER models back in the day.  My top 3 models of all times were Iman, Naomi Campbell and then Jason Olive.  Linda Evangalista is a close 4th, for the record.  I was truly amazed at this young man, when I would go to the bookstores and study magazines.  I've always loved his work.  So one evening I was at a William Elliot Springfield phtography show and there walks in Jason Olive in the flesh.  It was a great moment but even a better moment when he later contacted me and expressed that he would like to shoot with me.  I was very excited to say the least and tried my best not to act like a star struck groupie.  I found a stylist to work with and wonderful make up artist, Bebe Booth to do the man make up.  I described to the stylist that I had the idea of doing a Moroccan  style look and I would get a ton of pillows and have him propped against the wall on all the pillows for a chill earthy look.  Pillows were in place, make up artist arrives, and then the stylist arrives and hangs all the clothes on the rack and we were ready for Jason's arrival.  I took a look at all of the clothes that the stylist brought and it was not close to what I was looking for.  Instead of Moroccan, I got polyester plaid pants, ruffled tuxedo shirts and colorful scarves.  It was at the level of embarrassment.  But GOD was on my side, Jason was an hour late and stuck in traffic.  I took the opportunity to ask if we could postpone the shoot until tomorrow so he wouldn't have to sit in traffic.  He agreed so from there I ran to H&M and Zara's and snatched up a few items myself.  I let the stylist come back the next day to dress Jason but with the clothes I pulled myself.  After we got Jason dressed, we made our way up to the roof of my building where we were going to shoot.  The stylist led the way and as he opened the door to the roof, the alarm went off and sounded throughout the whole building.  I shoot on this rooftop almost everyday and never had a problem but this particular day, the alarm wants do go off and the building manager was upset and would not allow us rooftop access.  Everything seems to be going wrong.  So it was Jason's idea that we go down to the street and just do an on street editorial shoot.  And here are the results.

Jason is now focusing on his acting career and has also dove into the world of photography.  Working with him has truly been a highlight of my life.

My next best experience of 2009 was to meet the great photographer, Andreas Bitesnich from Austria.  Since the passing of Herb Ritts, Bitesnich has been my inspiration for my artistic work.  I went to a portfolio review in Palm Springs and actually had the opportunity to sit with him and he reviewed my portfolio.  He said I have great potential and continued to give very positive remarks about my work so that was all I needed hear.  I will take his word for it.

And then there was my million dollars...

Have a creative day!!!